5 Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract New Dental Patients

To all business, marketing is always a key to success. This can’t make dental practices an exception for a dental practice to grow; dentists should be seeing 24-50 new patients per month. Seems hard to reach? Well, a smart dentist marketing solution is your way to attract new dental patients. Still doesn’t know what to do? Well, just continue to read this to know more about how your dental clinic boost, reach and attract new dental patients.  

Dental Marketing Ideas

In order to figure out your dental practice and how to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan, always start with a SWOT analysis. 

  • Strengths 

Look for something that makes your dental practice unique from the other competitors. List every possible trait you can preserve and improve to make your practice stand out among the others.  

  • Weakness 

Always be honest about your weaknesses. Not able to see your weaknesses will only result in stagnant development. Able to know your weaknesses to surpass, improve, and develop it would make your dental practice benefit from it.

  • Opportunities 

Evaluate your advantages and use it as your stepping stone to boost out your dental practice brand, name, and reputation. 

  • Threats 

Know the issues your practices can face for you to anticipate and get ready to make a defense against it. 

Dental Marketing Ideas 

  • Patient Referral Bonus System 

70% of new patient growth must come from internal patient referrals. This can make your dental practice name at the top of your patients’ mind to encourage others to avail your services. By having a referral bonus system, a patient would recommend your practice to others and let others patients come to your place. 

  • Identify your target market 

90% of women make dental buying decisions for their household. A good marketing idea will entice the female household to attract to your services offered. On the other hand, if you are specializing in specific dental methods like cosmetic or pediatric dentistry would help you know who your demographics are. 

  • Give offer that beat your competitor 

This comes under a strategic dental marketing. It is having your practice different from the competitors but giving potential patients what they want. For example, don’t advertise your practice for $75 if your competitors offer $49 because you can obviously lose potential patients.  

  • Appreciate reviews and web presence 

Making your dental practice in the online community is a very good way to boost more target patients. This will let other people look for your dental products, services, and practices while browsing online. Also, appreciate positive reviews and addressing negative reviews for you to improve your practice even better.

  • Make community involvement 

This is the most effective way of getting your primary target patients. This includes your neighborhoods, friends, family, and even people close to your place. A simple way like sponsoring community events, participate in neighborhood celebrations, and do some volunteer work of free dental check-up can make your dental practice have a positive image in the community.   

Making your dental practice back up with comprehensive marketing strategy will help your business run for a long time and established its name, brand, and reputation.

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