Reasons Why Your Car is Towed

There some cases in which you tend to forget or is confused why your car is getting towed, you could ask the tow truck driver but some drivers are not that friendly. You came across this article because you are confused and slightly intimidated then this article is perfect for you. In this article we will talk about the reasons why your car gets towed in order to ease your curiosity. But if you do need a towing service because you have a flat tire or have a drained car battery, or involve in an accident, Vic park towing is a great towing service in a reasonable prize and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the services. Not Following the Parking Rules and Regulations This reason might be the reason why your car got towed and if you are not aware of the no parking rule in the place that you are parking then you should complain. When a tow truck driver sees you parking illegally then there is a high chance for you to be towed so you should avoid parking illegally. In order to avoid parking illegally find no parking signs and if you don’t see any then park there. Another way to avoid illegal parking is avoiding the fire zone, where signs are posted, in crosswalks, on sidewalks, and other related themes. So, not following the parking rules and regulations might be the reason why you are towed, you should be careful. Not Paying Fines Another reason for you to be towed is not paying towing fines or traffic ticket fines, not paying fines could be a huge offence, you should pay fines. Not paying towing fines can make your punishment larger, not paying fines can make you go to jail, give you a larger money to pay, and the related themes. Same with towing fines, not paying ticket fines can also be a huge offence, officers got your plate number and they can easily track you, so if you don’t pay the fines, you will get in serious trouble. So, paying the fine is a must to do because they are the ones who decide whether you will end up in jail or not. Car Involve in an Accident If your car got involve in an accident and you are not aware of it might be the reason why you are getting towed. Based on the definition of being towed is a tow truck is used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles. This means that you will get towed because you broke the parking rules and regulations, or your car is unable to move and one of the reasons why your car can’t move is because of it being in an accident. So, if your car got involve in an accident, it might be the reason why you are getting towed, so make sure that your car is safely park so that it can avoid accidents.

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